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How to Take Care of the best split air conditioner

Published On May 13, 2023

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Just like every other machine, the air conditioners at home and offices need proper maintenance. It is usually seen that people forget it in the summer season when ACs use is at full capacity throughout the day and night. In winter ACs are not used and covered. Moreover, in commercial complexes and malls, ACs are used a lot. Even after such constant use, if these machines are not maintained, then the air quality starts depleting. It also affects the power consumption. More power is needed as the filters are not able to work without any issues. Even the top 3 star inverter ac online needs to be serviced from time to time to prevent any kind of issue. If random services are not done, then the AC can get damaged, and the further cost of damage repair can be a lot. In this article, you will find some ways to prevent your AC from any type of damage.

      Clean and Replace the Air Filters 

One of the most significant steps in AC maintenance is checking the air filters. If they are not clean, then the dust will remain inside the house, just circulating again and again. Dirty air filters can be a home to mold and viruses. By not cleaning the air filters, you are inhaling toxic air. In places where the ACs work tirelessly, the air filters must be cleaned at least every 90 days.

    Do a temperature diagnosis and system pressure Check 

ACs have gas that works as a coolant. Gas is filled in cylindrical tanks. A pressure check is crucial. Sometimes the gas starts leaking because the pressure is more. If the gas gets finished, then the AC will not cool the air. It means the AC will be ineffective. In the case of inverter ac 3 star online the gas pressure as well as the temperature of the AC has to be checked from time to time.

  Check the fan belt for any Kind of Wear or tear 

In case the AC starts making noises while working, then there is a belt alignment issue. Maybe the belt needs to be checked or replaced. When you buy 3 star inverter air conditioner online in Telangana, you need to check for the belt and its alignment. The AC repairman checks the belt as well. Thus, to prevent any wear or tear, a complete check inside the machine is required.


The air indoors can be much more harmful and polluted than the outdoor air. It is because the air inside homes contains dust, dead skin, and other domestic waste. Any kind of infection can be easily communicated to the other person indoors. Hence, the air conditioners must be properly cleaned and serviced at all times. Therefore, before every new season, the AC must be serviced. Or if the AC starts making some kind of noise, it means that cleaning is required. It is better to get an AC serviced rather than catching germs and viruses.